Episode 33: A badass birthday message

Due to scheduling issues May’s Topic Talk will be on hiatus. There is a whole lot going on for all of us right now. It’s my birthday Sunday and I have decided to talk about something I feel very strongly about. A woman’s right to choose, what to do with her body, her life and making sure that the war on women doesn’t take away our rights to our own bodies and lives. Be advised there are plenty of salty words in this one. I love a good salty word, because they are just words after all. You don’t have to believe what I believe and I hope that you will consider what I have to say and do your thinking and researching what’s going on. I’m a fighter, I will always fight for what I believe most in. You have the choice to listen to this or not, that’s the thing about choice.


Episode 32: Leigh Coates

This was quite an interview! It took some work to get it scheduled but I never gave up because I so wanted to have this conversation and share her amazing story. She took flying lessons at 15, quite flying to become a pro snowboarder, went back to flying after an injury and went from flying small planes to helicopters and also teaching others to fly. She now owns her own helicopter business in Alaska and takes the winters to travel the US and practice yoga along the way. The big thing now is that she is the first female jet pack pilot. Her story is so inspiring and I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did having the conversation. As always, thank you for listening!

You can find Leigh on Instagram: @leighyogipilot

Episode 31: Sadie Nardini

Today my friend Sadie joins me on the pod to talk yoga, life on the road, and life after 40. Sadie has been sharing her yoga style on YouTube since 2002, well before social media, offering her classes for free and creating videos and classes. Today she has her The Fit & Fierce Club with courses and classes and an app that goes across all platforms. We also talked about creating a podcast for women over 40 to share info on ways to age with grace, wisdom and as healthy and active as possible. Stay tuned for more info on that soon.

You can find Sadie on Facebook & Instagram: @sadienardiniofficial

Her website: https://sadienardini.com/

Episode 30: Chelsea Seaman

Chelsea joined me to share about her journey to herself, finding yoga, a big transition of living on her own with her three kids and also traveling the world to teach yoga retreats. She says yes and believes you can be afraid and brave all at the same time.

You can find Chelsea on Instagram: @chelseasyoga

https://www.chelseasyoga.com/ and you can find links to her Playbook app to practice with her online on both her Instagram profile and her website.

As always, thanks for joining me and my ladies of the pod while they share their stories.


Episode 29: Sara Paige

Joining me this week is Sara Paige, a yogi and yoga instructor in Arizona. Sara also tells about her childhood growing up in the mid-west and her personal journey to sobriety. Thanks for listening and I hope that you enjoy this week’s conversation!

You can find Sara on her website: https://www.sarapaigeyoga.com/ and on Instagram: @sarapaigeyoga

Episode 27: Laura Preston

Show notes:

Laura joins Sherry to talk about her life on the road living in a vintage airstream and how that led her to creating her company, Vacilando Quilting. She and her husband have been living on the road for 6 years and have seen a lot of changes over the years with the campsites and roads filled with more people living the same style of life.

Laura also speaks about teaching herself to quilt, dealing with insecurities around her knowledge and experience and how she has moved beyond those to writing her first book for beginning quilters. She also speaks about trying to keep creativity fueled and stay fresh and excited about her work.

You can find her work on her website: https://www.vacilandoquilting.co/

Laura also “broadcasts” as she says her life on Instagram: vacilando quilting

Thanks for listening!


Episode 26: Sarah Larson

Sarah Larson of Sage to Sea Designs joins Sherry to talk about her life change when she turned 30 and deciding to create a line of canvas and leather bags. She talks about her decision to move to Seattle, her upcoming marriage and her inspiration to follow her current path.

You can find Sarah’s work on her website: http://www.sagetoseadesigns.com/

You can also fine her on Instagram: sagetoseadesigns

Thanks for joining me again today!


Episode 25: Erin Gilmore

Erin joins Sherry to talk about yoga, her eating disorder which prompted her move to San Francisco and so much more.

You can find her on Instagram: @erintron

Check back next Friday for the next episode and thanks for listening!

March Topic Talk

We’re back for another episode of Topic Talk for March. This time we are working with a grab bag of questions and discuss empathy for others, friendships and the strangest question we have ever been asked. As usual we have fun, get serious and laugh.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 23: Bentley

Bentley is one of my co-hosts for the monthly Topic Talk series and a total rock star who has been creating her life after some changes. Her honesty is inspiring and her firm belief in herself is so badass! I always love our conversations and her input. This is her solo episode after all of our Topic Talk episodes, it was time for her to shine in her solo conversation.

You can find Bentley on Instagram: @bentley.likethecar

Episode 22: Pat Bailey

Joining me today is Pat Bailey, my friend and mentor who helped me harness all of my abundant ideas into the spaces I have created so far. She talks about how she kept following the “Hell Yes or it’s a No” philosophy to create her business of helping other women find their way. Pat is also a travel writer, who goes to far away places and last summer moved to Paris as her home base.

You can find Pat on Instagram: @patbailey and her website:


Episode 20: Brittany Hoogenboom February

Episode notes:

You can find Brittany here:



You can also find her other two podcast episodes to listen to as well!!

Episode 19: February Topic Talk

Today Sherry speaks with Bentley and Jenna about pivotal and defining moments in our lives. Please be aware that there are references to mental health issues, including self harm. I wanted to be clear about that up front so that if you have any triggers around any of that you are aware before you listen.

Jenna talks about losing her mom unexpectedly at a young age and her struggle to process through that. Bentley talks about her marriage falling apart, having an affair with a woman, therapy and finding her way to start over with almost nothing from her previous life. Sherry speaks about her bout with depression, medication and finding her way beyond while having to go back and deal with some lingering issues.

You can find us all on Instagram.

Jenna: @yoginiinheels

Bentley: @bentley.likethecar

Sherry: @titanium_blonde1

Thank you for joining us and we will be back in March with a new topic to discuss!!

Episode 17: Lara Heimann

Joining me this week is Lara Heimann, a real mover and shaker, literally. Lara is a yoga teacher, Physical Therapist, yoga studio owner and has her own podcast as well. I enjoyed our conversation so much as we talked about yoga, movement, critical thinking, and celebrating and uplifting women!

You can find Lara on her website which includes her recently launched online yoga class platform, find the links below.

Website: https://www.movementbylara.com/about-us/

Podcast link: https://www.movementbylara.com/podcast/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lara.heimann/

Episode 15: Topic Talk January

Episode Notes:

Joining me is Bentley, Jenna and Damaris (Jenna and Damaris are sisters by the way) and we have a conversation about our experience with body image over the years.

You can find Bentley on Instagram: @bentley.likethecar and Jenna: @yoginiinheels

We will back next month with another topic to share. If you are interested in a specific topic, send an email to: titaniumblonde1@gmail.com or leave me a message on the website.

Thanks for listening!