Hi I'm Sherry, the Titanium Blonde, a yogi, yoga instructor, jewelry designer, and medical mystery tour warrior.  I've been practicing yoga for 25 years, teaching for 15, designing jewelry for 30 years and a medical mystery tour warrior for three and a half years.  

My love of movement began at age 4 when my mom started me in ballet lessons.  I took from the studio for 11 years and every spring we did a full ballet with a full stage production including costumes. I have always had a love of music, dancing and being active.  

Along with ballet, I also started playing softball at age 6.  That started me on a 40 year journey of playing softball, both fast pitch and slow pitch.  My father played for years as a first basemen, I carried the legacy on and my daughter was the third generation.  I also coached teen girls teams for several years in the hopes that they would see a strong, powerful woman playing.

I have been active most of my life, including working out in gyms, walking and yoga.  I found yoga 25 years ago and it not only spoke to the old ballerina in me, it has totally helped me with all of my broken bits and pieces after so many years living my life as a full contact sport.  My practice and teaching have changed over the years, I am seeking longevity in both my practice and my teaching and I plan to be teaching into my 90's.  My desire in my teaching is to create a safe space for people to experience functional movement, to own and explore their practice and modify as their body informs them of what feels good and what doesn't.

My yoga practice follows me off the mat into my daily life and has helped me so much as I've dealt with my two medical mystery tours.  I not only practice, but continue to teach as I deal with chronic illness.  I find the practice not only keeps me strong and flexible, but resilient as well.  My teaching goal has always been to help people live better lives with yoga.

My nickname "Titanium" was given to me by a friend who explained that when titanium is warm it is the most flexible metal and when it is cold it is the strongest metal.  She told me that not only am I flexible in body, but also in my ability to get along with  diverse groups of people.  Then she explained that I am one of the strongest people she knows.  My nickname has been the touchstone for me during hard times.

I created this website/blog/podcast to offer a supportive space for other women to be seen, heard and uplifted while living an authentic, unapologetic life.  I created the Woman of the Week series to share the wisdom of everyday women's lives.  I seek to build connection and community with others as we bend, shape and mould a life we love with integrity, passion and humor.  That with vision, passion, determination and alignment with our deepest heart we can create transformation at any age and any stage in life.  Oh and because I am a grown up, there is some salty language.



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