Friday FIVE!

plumeria 5.jpg

It's that time of the week again, Friday FIVE...  Here is what caught my attention this week.

1:  Reading:  A Thousand Days in Tuscany by Marlena de Blasi.  A memoir by de Blasi who is a chef and the second book about her life, the first one, A Thousands Days in Venice.  I am so enjoying her story of Tuscany, which is one of my favorite places on earth.

2:  Summer foods:  I am eating all the berries, peaches, cherries and watermelon I can get my hands on.  Iā€™m busy freezing some of the berries for my smoothies this winter and I have to say that I am loving my cherry pitter big time.

3:  Dreaming of:  a cute little house that I can make my own and fill with great finds.  I am working on just staying open to that happening and not setting up any sort of expectation.  With housing prices the way they are, it will take some sort of miracle for me to afford anything close to where I live , but I am believing the magic will happen.

4:  Audiobook I am loving:  Come as you are: The Surprising New Science that will transform your sex life, by Emily Nagoski, Ph. D, there is some incredible information here that the anatomy geek in me loves and some interesting things that I am learning about how we have evolved and what as women we have been bombarded with to keep us from truly enjoying our sexuality.  If you are looking for something a little more less science and more summer entertainment try this one:  The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah

5:  Watching:  Jumanji, the newish one with Duane Johnson and Jack Black.  Suggested by my new friend and I laughed my ass off through most of it.  Jack Black does an amazingly funny job with his character, I loved it.  Light hearted, funny and enjoyable.

That is it for this week.  I hope that you are enjoying your summer, I have been beach walking almost every day, soaking up the sun and enjoying the doors and windows being open.