Friday FIVE!

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Friday FIVE!!

This is what I am playing with this week.

1:  Book on audible:  All the Single Ladies:  Unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation.  I purchased this last week and then got an invite from my friend Pat to join a book discussion group about the book for the month of August, can't wait to dive in deeper!

2:  Watching the original Mama Mia movie and the sequel.  Yes it is what it is, but it is lighthearted, happy and silly and GREECE!

3:  Working on the next group of ladies from the focus group for the WOW series and starting to pull together the question list for them all.  I can't believe that I am already into the third group!!

4:  Podcast interview contacts.  I am working on lining up several ladies to record podcast episodes, some of them have been on the Monday Muse series and this will follow up their initial interview there, some of them have yet to appear as a Muse and some are just people I want to have tell their story.  I also have several solo episodes to get recorded as well.

5: Researching new laptop options, after 9 years it is time to upgrade the hardware and give my slowly dying beast a rest.  I will be happy to have things like WiFi connections working again, a non-glitchy keyboard and mouse buttons.  Coming in August the next new toy.  Though I would love a Mac, I just cannot justify the cost at roughly 3 times the cost of a windows laptop...  Oh and a new external hard drive for all the files ever amen.

That's it for this week..  Happy weekend, get out and have some fun!

PS:  here is a little popcicle recipe to beat the dog days of summer heat