Woman of the Week: Julie

Julie Sherman.jpg

An update after some technical difficulties on July 4th.  Please welcome Julie as our WOW.  From back in the high school days and connected again through the Facebook community.

1). In the last five years, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your life?

Slow down and breathe...it'll all be there tomorrow.  Spending years trying to live up to others expectations, taking care of everyone and everything else without a thought as to how it would effect me, was exhausting and no doubt has had something to do with my health issues.  It takes a toll on your mind and body.

2). What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

I love to go barefoot or wear my Birks all year round.....rain or shine and no socks!!  I garden (sliverless bark is a must), mow the lawn, forget to put shoes on when I leave the house...which can cause a problem if you need to stop at the grocery store or bank.  I try to keep a pair of flip flops in the car now! 

3). What is the best purchase that you have made in recent memory?

My DIVORCE!!  It was one of the most expensive purchases ever

4). If you could have a giant billboard anywhere with anything on it, what would it say and why?

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness"

We were assigned a project in junior high to "smile" at people and to keep smiling to see if we could get a smile back from others.  It's heartwarming to have that person with the grumpy or sad look on their face, smile back.  It makes me feel like I may have just changed someones day.  Not much better than a genuine smile to make my day!

5). When you feel unsure or overwhelmed what do you do?

I've always been a pretty quiet, shy person which stems from my insecurities.  With the brain problems and other health issues I am dealing with, I tend to be overwhelmed more often than not.  I will get even quieter, turn inward and hide, which means staying home trying to figure out which of the many unfinished projects to try and work on.  

6). What is your biggest problem, issue or stumbling block in your daily life?

My brain!  I have a TBI, which since your brain controls everything, it causes a lot of issues.  Being that it is also an invisible injury just adds to the issues in others ways.  

7). How has failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?  Do you have a “favorite failure” of yours?

This is a very hard one for me as I haven't ever really felt successful.  Which, that being said, I'd say my favorite failure was my marriage as it allowed me to be mom 3 beautiful, loving, amazing kids and stepmom to 2 amazing girls!

8). What is the most memorable thing you have received in recent memory?

A text message from my 22 yo son, for no reason (the best part) telling me how much he loves me, what he loves about me and what a positive , important person I am and always have been in his life.  

9). Who inspires you to be your best self?

These days I am inspired by strong, creative, independent women, never apologizing for who they are, women in this group, like Sherry Eckert!  Women, who take charge of their lives and are always working, one way or another to take care of themselves, making themselves a priority as they should be,

10). What would you tell your 21 year old self?

You never know what tomorrow will bring, so live today!   There aren't any "rules" that you have to follow at this time of your life.  If you want to go backpacking through Europe, go do it.  If you want to take a year off school and work on a dude ranch in Montana, do it.  Regardless, there isn't any need to "settle" or "settle down" at this point in your life.  Go live!

11). What would you be doing right now if money wasn’t part of the equation?

I would be traveling the world with friends and family, by all means possible....sailing, hiking, flying, driving, camels and elephants too!

12). What three things are foremost on your mind right now?

Money - thinking about the future and how I'm going to manage it is very scary!

Health - my grandmother lived a rich, full life just short of 101 yo.  She lived on here own, cooked, cleaned, managed her everyday life till 6 months before she died.  I always told her I hoped I had her genes.  With the medical issues that I have, medical insurance costs, procedures, etc again, it is very scary to think how I will manage it all.

Kids/Country - I always am thinking about my kids, but even more so now with the ways of the world and what it will look like by the time they may want to start families.  

Thank you so much Julie for honest and heartfelt responses.  And thank you for the compliment, I do my best to just be me every single day.