Friday FIVE!

henna hands.jpg

I took a couple weeks break to just give myself some space and now I am back because it's Friday and that means it's time for the FIVE!

1:  Audible book I enjoyed for just the fiction story:  The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah.  I couldn't stop listening to it.  Really enjoyed the story.

2:  Podcast:  Slow Burn, an 8 episode series about Watergate.  It has some eerie cross overs to present day.

3:  Watching:  Season Premiere of Sharp Objects on HBO, it's less out there than Westworld, but has some interesting people dynamics.  I am a big Amy Adams fan, will be curious to see where this one goes.

4:  With the warmer weather I have gotten back on the smoothie train and with all of the fresh raspberries and blackberries right now it is a berry feast.  I have been using Oat Milk and I really like the difference in taste from coconut.

5:  Double low tides at the beach have been happening during the daylight hours so that I can walk the beach twice in a day.  I always sit with my feet in the sand before I hit the hills to home.

Here is a little tasty recipe for you: