Friday FIVE!

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Friday FIVE is here again!!

1:  Shopping fave of the week:  It's a toss up between Target (anything and everything you need and then some!) and Ulta, the ultimate body care and cosmetics mecca.  Lordy did I get lost in there this week!!  But I found that they carry the Tart mascara that I love.  I also learned that all of Tart's mascaras are the same formula, they just use different brushes.  My eyes are so happy to have something that doesn't make them itch.

2:  La Croix water, it's my favorite.  I drink mostly water, filtered with a little chlorophyll in it in a big giant Hydro Flask with ice.  But it gets a little tasteless and boring.  I can't do sugar, soda isn't my friend but sometimes I just want a little flavor..  La Croix does the trick.  My faves are coconut and the berry.  I saw a Key Lime flavor last week which is new, but since I am still having issues with lemon and lime, this one has to wait.

3:  Watching:  The original Will and Grace.  I forgot how much I loved that show.  I know there is a new one and it is doing well, but I am starting by re-watching all of the old shows first.  It's light, short and easy to watch a couple before I hit my bed.

4:  Read:  Travel the World on $50 a day.  I need to be ready for all of the places I want to visit and lead retreats in.  And also back to my Thug Kitchen cookbook this week too.

5:  Listen:  2Pac, old Tracy Chapman, Waves by Jeremy Loops, Woman Stuff podcast.

I'm off to gather all my new gear to film yoga videos this weekend, stay tuned for all sorts of new stuff in the next few weeks on my YouTube channel and right here on the site!

Here is a yummy little smoothie recipe for you:

1 frozen banana cut in slices

1/4 cup raspberries, blackberries, blueberries

coconut water or filtered water 1/2- 1 cup depending on how thick you want it.

options:  a scoop of protein powder, some greens, chia seeds, hemp hearts, yogurt, coconut milk.

PS: if you want to listen to any of my Spotify music lists, search for:  yogawithsherry and follow me, you can view my lists, save the lists or songs etc.  It's a lot of yoga music for the most part and I am still slowly transitioning from Napster so the lists are still small at this point.