Thoughts on the Day 3/22/18

stop right there.jpg

This is one of my favorites...  There are days when I just do not have the capacity to give any more fucks about anything else.  When I am feeling low, haven't had enough sleep, my immune system is fighting something, and I haven't had enough to eat, I can get really gritchy (that is a mash up of the word grouchy+bitchy).  

So this leads me to working on my time expenditures during the day.  Getting lost in the weeds, spending too much time on social media, not getting up when the alarm goes off, over scheduling myself and definitely not getting enough exercise can all lead to a huge ball of hiss.  If I don't get moving in the morning due to lack of sleep or spending too much time messing around with my phone I feel like I am behind all day.  I'm a woman living a very full life and I have all sorts of things I am trying to accomplish in the hours of the day.  I know that especially now that I am still dealing with autoimmune issues that I need to have a rock solid evening routine as well as a morning routine.  I do better with the evening routine I'll admit.  I am still in test mode for the morning one to see what actually really works for me and what doesn't. 

I just want to find the best mix that works for me to be productive, have time for myself, for rest, for creating and for spending time with people I enjoy.  I am compiling a whole lot of info and testing it out over time.  Once I figure out what really works and creates the least amount of added effort I am going to put it all together in some sort of a guide.  Why you might ask, because there is a lot of info out there and it takes time to dig through it all.  I have gotten lost in the weeds more times than I care to admit and maybe some of you might benefit from my trial and error.

I am relatively happy person, yes, I have an edge and yes I can and do get pissy when things go wonky.  Hey, I am human just like everyone else.  I just want to live with more intention, less expectation and let it all flow like water.  I want to make myself a priority and give myself the time and space for creative thought and my own yoga and meditation practice.  And get all the shit done I want to accomplish.  It's a balancing act and being intentional is the key to maintaining as much balance as possible in any give point in time.  And when all else fails and I have a break down, I have to limit the fucks I give.  I am sure many of you have your own version of the wheels falling off the bus for you, it's ok, we all do.

Happy Thursday, we are sliding into the weekend!