Thoughts on the Day 3/26/18

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It's Monday and I have had a do not disturb on my office door at work all day today.  I came in with the mindset that I had things to get done and though I hate to put up the sign, it has made a huge difference in staying focused on what I need to get done today.  I have so many moving parts in my life that sometimes I have a hard time staying focused on just one thing.  I am working on doing better with that.

I have been working on my passion project off and on for the last year.  It has changed tremendously from where I started one year ago.  It is now less about just my medical mystery tour and more about connection, building community and living my life unapologetically and with my truth and wisdom.  There are times when the negative voice kicks in and I think I don't really have that much wisdom to share or that anyone would care.  Blogging can make you feel like you are dropping pebbles out into the ocean most times.  I can see from my analytics that there are people looking at the posts, that always helps, but honestly I would keep posting even if there weren't.  It's the daily diary or the space to thrash out what I am feeling or talk about something that hit me like a ton of bricks.

I changed my focus last fall and have been quietly building a focus group of other women I know.  We share and I am convinced after starting the Woman of the Week, that many of those women don't believe they have wisdom that is important to share.  However they have responded so positively to my interview requests and continue to astound and amaze me with their truth, wisdom and honesty.  Many of them are around my age, most are mid-life, some younger, but the sense of community and support doesn't see age and the ongoing connection has certainly been something that has been a joy to watch grow.  I certainly don't have all the answers to all of the problems, issues, stumbling blocks or challenges, but I think having a space where women are seen, heard, supported and celebrated is HUGE...  As I get ready to shift from the focus group out into the sphere of a larger audience, I look forward to finding new women to share with and learn from and celebrate.

I am working on a new facet for the blog starting in April.  I am reaching out to women who inspire me, most I have met through social media and will be creating a Monday Muse interview series.  They will be spread out over time as I am still building the list, but I am just as excited to share and learn with those that choose to join me on this new journey.  Stay tuned for the first one coming soon!