Friday FIVE!!


That's right it's that day again FRIDAY!!  Here's this weeks FIVE!!

1:  Quote:  I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body...  The old dancer in me really likes the metaphor.  Is your soul dancing inside your body?  If not, what could you change or tweak to give it dancing shoes?

2:  Watching:  The last Fixer Upper episode aired and while I can back and re-watch the old ones, I was looking for some other inspiration.  I found the show Good Bones on HGTV.  I don't watch a lot of TV but this is a good show to watch before bed, no monsters, no killing and pretty houses to dream about.

3:  Listening:  The latest in the Robicheaux series from James Lee Burke on Audible, The Online Marketing Marketing Made Easy podcast with Amy Porterfield and the Moana soundtrack with the baby in the car.

4:  Inspiration:  My Functional Medical specialist..  She told me this week that I am proof for her that functional medicine does work.  She wonders sometimes if she is actually making a difference for some of her patients.  When she met me, my trajectory was in serious peril for my health and in just 14 months we worked together to change not just my trajectory but to start me well on the path to healthy living with minimal pharmaceutical intervention.

5:  Focus:  My ladies in my Unapologetically You Mastermind Focus group and learning more about them, their lives, their mindset, their wisdom and what is forefront on their minds right now.  

And the bonus extra, we are at some point going to have warmer weather and while I love a good burger made of beef, this recipe has me curious about whether it can be as good as it looks.

Have a good weekend!!