Friday FIVE!!


It's that time of the week, Friday FIVE time again!

1:  Quote I'm pondering:  Bravery:  Being in a situation that requires courage.  Boldness:  doing it willingly.  ~Makenna Johnston   

2:  Book:  Loving What Is by Byron Katie, I picked this up once before and got distracted, trying to dive back in again.

3:  Surprises:  The ease of asking for help and actually getting it.  It's not easy for me to ask for help, anyone else struggle with that too?

4:  Those little fingers touching mine as she fills my palm with rocks.  

5:  The thought that we are all just trying to live life the best we can, some just do it with more grace than others.  I'm always seeking more grace in my life.

That's it for this week!