Episode 11: Tamra Brannon of Outlaw Woman

Show Notes:

Tamra has incredible stories to share, we touched on topics of her journey to her present company and work, mental health and anxiety, PTSD, trauma and her heart wrenching story of holding a 15 year old teen as he died from gunshot wounds on the street. You will be touched by her indomitable spirit, her capacity to face adversity and find a way through, her work to give back, and her desire to live unapologetically as herself every day, in all aspects of her life. I love talking with this woman and can’t wait to have her back to share more. I believe she is an angel walking among us, shining her light while wearing sweats and a bandana and only shaving one leg a month! Do yourself a favor and listen to this several times, there is so much here to absorb.

You can find Tamra on Instagram: @theoutlawwoman

You can shop her jewels here: http://www.outlawwoman.com/

You can also find her store location and other stores that carry her jewels on her website.

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