Episode 8: Steph Gongora

Show Notes:

Welcome to today’s guest Steph Gongora owner of Flo Retreat Center and creator of Authentic Movements. You can find Steph on Instagram: @casa_colibri

Also on her website:


You can find her classes with her co-teacher Erin Kelly on their website:


Steph’s books are available on her website in both digital and paper versions and the paper book versions are also available on Amazon as well.

Steph Gongora has written a variety of movement books, available in both electronic format and paperback copies. For those just beginning, they may find inspiration in Starting a Yoga Practice, a 350+ page guide full of yoga basics, sequencing, flows, and even practice calendars. More intermediate practitioners looking to delve deeper can check out the Full Body Backbends book or the Handstand Manual, both chock full of drills, warmups, alignment details and more. The Handstand book is also available in Spanish! Finally, for anyone looking to find their float, the Handstand Pressing book has all the tools to get those feet off the ground. Find out more info and peruse sample pages on www.casa-colibri.com/shop

Starting a Yoga Practice

Interested in trying Yoga, but just not sure where to begin? The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Yoga Practice is an all-inclusive map to getting on your mat! With over 340 pages of Yoga Basics, a thorough Pose Library, and essential Warm Ups and Cool Downs, you will learn how to safely move your body for home or in-studio practice. Includes a discussion on simple Yoga Sequencing Techniques and Flow Library with over a dozen full length flows to try out at home. Those looking for more guidance will enjoy the multiple sample Practice Calendars as well as prop modifications within postures. Learn about why others started their personal journeys and much, much more! Yoga is for Everyone. Let us help you get started today!

Full Body Backbends

Full Body Backbends provides an organized deep dive into not only the practice of heart opening, but what it means to explore finding both space and stability in your movement modality. Learn to unlock the spine, hips, shoulders, and more, all with an attention to safety, alignment, and detail signature to the Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Series. Start with backbending basics, a look at the spine and modern life, and then delve into efficient, but effective warm ups and a full pose library. Carefully grow your practice with our advanced asana section, dedicated prop progressions, and a tutorial all about the elusive “flip grip.” Finally, finish up with multiple flows, helpful hints, and of course, dedicated restorative and counterposing postures. With 260 pages of color images and detailed descriptions, Full Body Backbends hopes to provide all levels of practitioners with a thorough resource to explore the benefits of a supple, but strong spine, body, and mind.

Art of Handstand 

A complete guide to standing on your hands! Over 100 pages of warmups, full body strengtheners, alignment cues, and more. From myths about handstands to proper alignment and anatomy by body part, this book contains everything I used and continue to use on my handstand journey. Ideal for yogis, calisthenics enthusiasts, aerial arts practitioners, functional fitness fanatics, acrobats in training, and anyone interested in progressing their inversion practice! Hundreds of high quality photos, detailed instructions, and MORE!

Handstand Pressing

A complete guide to finding your float and working toward pressing to handstand. From carefully selected warmups to full body strengtheners and prop assisted pressing, The Beginner's Guide to Handstand Pressing covers everything you need to progress your inversion practice. Over 130 pages of high quality color photos, detailed “How Tos,” and even a mini and full flow to help you find press-related activation throughout your practice. Alignment cues, partner drills, restorative work, and MORE. This manual is the natural sequel to The Beginner's Guide to Handstand, and is best suited for those regularly working on inversions.