Friday FIVE!

Five with flower.jpg

Friday FIVE!!  

1:  Book I'm listening to:  Launch by Jeff Walker, all about launching a business online.  I just love audible, I know it isn't quite reading but it really does allow me to 'read' while I drive, walk, work etc

2:  What is on repeat in  my head:  Moana songs...  My granddaughter loves this movie and I do too but she will ask to watch it several times a day and then I hear the songs in my head for days afterward.  

3:  Podcast I'm loving:  GoalDigger with Jenna Kutcher.  A photographer, online educator and someone who is a champion for body positivity.  

4:  Watching:  The new season of Westworld.  The first show had me feeling like I was in someone else's dream that I stumbled on and trying to figure it out.  

5:  Dreaming of:  Italy and wanting to plan a yoga retreat there for next spring.  I think I found the spot, now who wants to join me?

That is it for this week, except for a little granola recipe that I have been having fun with: