Friday FIVE!

hand with crystals.jpg

Friday FIVE!!

What caught my attention this week.....

1:  In my ears:  Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown on Audible.  I am listening to this again.  I love her words and hearing her voice say them makes them even more powerful.

2:  On my mind:  Time... How to make better use of it so that I have more time for myself.

3:  Purchase:  a new comfy pair of sweat pants (aka adult pajamas)

4:  Practice:  Functional movements mixed in with my yoga practice and teaching.  Never underestimate the importance of a strong core, drawing in towards center.  It solves so many of the body aches and pains.  (new videos coming soon!)

5:  My beach:  getting back to my morning beach walks, no matter how poorly I slept the night before.  Beach report anyone?

Here's a little tidbit I'm going to try this weekend.  Cheers to the freaking weekend!