Thoughts on the day 1/19/18


Here I sit on another Friday night after a long week, payroll at the job-job, W-2's, census lists, blah, blah, blah.....  And then there is the other life, the life work that I am building slowly and surely with each passing day.  The fire building slowly, not a burn the house down, but a low steady flame that grows with each bit of new that I add.  This is unusual for me I assure you.  I am a doer, I get an idea and run with it, all out...  I suffer from perfection syndrome at times, wanting things to be perfect and missing out on things or losing interest when what I see in my head doesn't come out the way I see it.  Not this time...  My coach tells me it is because I am doing my soul work and to go with the flow.  So here goes my thoughts on the day today...

I have been listening to podcasts, cruising Instagram feeds, signing up for free webinars, looking at websites, making copious amounts of notes and learning all the stuff ever, amen.  I know what sounds good on a podcast, what sounds real, what attracts my attention and what loses it in a heartbeat.  There is a shit load of info out in there podcast land.  Sometimes it is overwhelming, other times I hear something that totally gets in and gets me furiously scribbling notes and the creative energy starts flowing and I am rocking it.

I have started keeping ideas on projects on 3x5 cards that are all over the walls in my entryway and have jumbo post-it sheets lining the hallway now too.  I sometimes do nothing for days and then I will have a creative dump that lasts for hours and it just comes tumbling out.  My place looks like a mad scientist has come to visit.  It all makes sense to me but other people may think it strange.  That's ok, it's all mine!

I carry a notebook with all of my notes, ideas, content creations, lists of podcast episodes to listen to, everywhere I go.  I have resisted the anxiety about not doing something every single day with all of this.  I have found that taking some time to continue to learn, create and then let it all sift down and settle has been working well.  

I have always loved to write, sometimes I wonder if I am a very good writer and other times it just comes out in words upon words upon words...  I have been given the challenge of writing and pitching some of my stories to some very big deal websites.  In some aspects that is a little intimidating, in others I just feel the urge to make sure that my website is in good order before I start sending anyone there that may be interested in publishing my words.  I feel no rush, it will all come together in the time and space it is meant to.  That is sort of heavy stuff to be thinking...

I have discovered a few ways to keep certain things on my website private, just for the people I invite to see and enjoy them.  That has me pretty jazzed I must admit.  I do want to serve my tribe and making it so that it is special and only available to those that I invite was key for me.  Thank you Squarespace.  

I know some amazingly, incredible, wise women and they have stories worth sharing and knowing.  I want to uplift them, remind them often just how incredible they are, even when they are taking care of kids, partners, parents, jobs, dealing with life daily.  I want to help them take care of themselves, help them find their most authentic selves and shine bright.  Why you may ask, well because it is something that I have had in small bits that I found so useful when I needed it most. 

I received an interesting compliment recently from a yoga student who had never taken my class before.  She told me that I have a wonderful speaking voice and how she felt safe and relaxed in my class.  One of the best compliments I have ever had and something that is good to know as I forge ahead with my podcasts and guided meditations.  I had a student years ago who told me my yoga class was like yoga and a great therapy session all rolled into one. 

My word for 2018 is CONNECTION...  I want to build, foster, grown and revel in connections with people, uplift where I can, and serve where I am called.  And on that note, I will say, see you soon!