Thoughts on the day 12/18/17

crow pose on rocks.jpg

I'm sitting here after a full day filled with payroll, problem solving, banking and all the things on a Monday work day.  Things are running through my brain pan, so here goes...

Thoughts on the day:

A horrible train crash where a brand new train service started today and the train literally fell off the tracks, crashed onto the highway below and people died.  This happened about an hour from where I live and upon looking at pictures it made me wonder how they ever thought a fast moving train would ever stay on the tracks as I saw them...

The last couple of weekends have gone by in a blur of holiday activities, yoga classes and work.  I feel like I am hurtling toward the end of year on a runaway train. (no pun intended)

Customer service is a dying art.

Wearing wild stretchy pants while walking down the streets got me plenty of smiles and one, 'I love your tights'.

I managed to eat a good breakfast (rare for me), drink plenty of water, got my steps in (it helps to work in a health club with plenty of treadmills to choose from) and a good lunch.  For some reason I just could not eat enough today.  

I'm struggling with wanting to stay informed with current events and not overwhelming myself with podcasts and online news.  I love to learn about all sorts of political news, but I'm finding that it's truly affecting my anxiety level.

I'm setting an intention to get back to my meditation practice, day 1 in the books..

I'm loving Tim Ferriss's podcast and his new book Tribe of Mentors.

There needs to be more kindness right now, it just seems like everyone is all stressed out and instead of trying to be kind and seeing others struggling too, it seems like it is all about them.  

Why are people so surprised when I say "Please and Thank You'?  Do people not say those words anymore?

On that note, I am going home to eat some grub and relax because tomorrow is a long day.