Monday Muse: Anjua Maximo

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Please join me in welcoming this month's Muse, Anjua.  Anjua, is a Life Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and a Mama.  I love her thoughts around what balance looks like for her, check out her interview for her wisdom.  

1). What lead you to create your physical fitness center? 

When I first began as sensual dance instructor in LA I knew that some day I wanted a place of my own. Little did I know that the vision would come to fruition in Cleveland, Ohio.  At the heart of it, having a studio meant a chance to create a space where people felt a part of something very cool but not exclusive. The studio was to act as haven for those people seeking community, good music and good vibes. By hiring both instructors and a front of house team that were aligned with our values of community, personal growth, fun – to name a few – we also knew they would also impact our guests. Then the guests would hopefully take that impact through out their day with them. The power of energy transfer between humans is what I like to think of it as.

2).  When are you most observant?

Not sure. I feel like I’m observant most of the time. I feel things deeply; I am in gratitude over the tiniest details and moments that are beautiful to me. I naturally have always been inquisitive and wonder how things, people work.

3).  What role can silence play in a conversation?

I have a little thing I write on a paper and eventually taught myself to remember when I first began coaching others, which is W.A.I.T. – Why Am I Talking? Many of us are waiting for out turn to speak and it’s actually in the active listening that you get the most information about what is ACTUALLY being said/felt by the other person. 

4). What is the best purchase you have made in recent memory?

My gray tulle skirt for under $30 on Amazon. Always loved tulle skirts J

5). When have your instincts led you astray?

Never, it’s only when I don’t follow that I find it’s always lead me astray. Your instincts may lead you to a decision that is challenging or even difficult but I don’t believe it will lead you astray.

6). How has failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?  Do you have a “favorite failure” of yours?

I’ve learned that failure is not a dirty word. It can be tough, painful even but with a different mindset it can be the very thing that can actually lead you to your success eventually. I’ve learned to work with failure by accepting that it will be part of almost every experience where risk is involved. I came to use those failures as education. Why didn’t it work? What can be done differently next time? What do I need to come to terms with and let go of? What do I need to stand my ground on? So you use it all to learn and grow from. I also learned to let go of one of the biggest fears around failure, which is, what will others think. Well usually the people who had the most to say about my failures were not out there taking risks of their own, so I learned to not listen to that set. To borrow loosely from Brene Brown; if you’re not in the arena slaying with me please shut the fuck up.

7). If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it, what would it say and why?




Why would you accept anything less? Why would you give anything less?

8). In the last five years, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your life?

That balance does not exist in the way we’ve come to believe it’s supposed to. I no longer see it as everyday being a success if every quadrant of my life got what it needed. It’s just not possible to achieve that daily and because of that many of us feel like we’re failing all the time at balance. What I’ve come to realize is that balance is going to be a little different everyday. Sometimes my kids will need my attention and I’m ok with that meaning that I may have to miss an event at work. Vice versa, some days my kids have learned mom and dad will be working a lot that day so they won’t get as much of our attention. But they have come to trust that they will get it ten fold when I am focused on them. It’s a give and take daily but if all the most important parties involved are enrolled in your process then it gives them an opportunity to support you in the ways you truly need to make it all work.

9). What is your biggest challenge, issue or stumbling block in your daily life?

Currently it’s committing to more sleep. It really makes a huge difference and it’s just a matter of my breaking a few habits I am holding on to.

10). What three things are foremost on your mind right now?

Taking care of my business, helping it grow to the next level.

Making sure my kids have a fun summer off their screens as much as possible.

Getting comfortable with not knowing exactly what my next steps are beyond GrooveRyde.

11). What does approaching a breakthrough feel like?


Falling down

Breaking down

Letting go, standing up, and stepping into your truth.  

Thank you Anjua for sharing your truth and wisdom.  You can her on Instagram:  @the_electriclife.