Thoughts on the Day 3/19/18


Transparent:  free from pretense or deceit, characterized by visibility or accessibility or information especially concerning business practices.

Why do I feel being transparent is important, well I personally do not like to be misled and so I don't want to misrepresent myself either.  I aspire to be transparent in who I am and live my life as honestly as possible.  Now I don't think that everyone needs to know everything but I am pretty willing to share something when asked and especially in the hopes of maybe helping someone else find answers they are seeking.  If something I have been through resonates and is helpful then I feel that everything I went through to get to where I am was worth it.  I have had to learn some hard lessons along the way and looking back I sometimes wish that I had more knowledge at the time to make a better choice.  I've lived some life, had some adventures and have the stories both good and bad on my path to living a more authentic life that resonates on a deeper level.

I created Titanium Blonde with the desire to build connection and community with other women, especially women in mid-life, but I enjoy people of all ages..  As a woman over the age of 50, I find myself no longer the target audience and what is targeted to my age group is anti-aging this, look younger that, adult diapers, pharmaceuticals, or planning for my retirement.  I hate the word anti-aging and I really am unhappy with the way our culture doesn't value maturity and the wisdom of our elders.  We find ways to warehouse our older members of society and leave them there instead of including them in society for the better of all involved.  But I digress...

The reality is that women of a certain age have money to spend, are finding more and more ways to stay vibrant, engaged and reinvent themselves.  We are also in some instances living very full lives that may include still caring for children or grandchildren, working full time and in some cases caring for elder family members.  It means we are tying to do it all and many times we don't make the time to care for ourselves as a result.  In my search to find ways to age healthily, stay as active as possible and take care of myself as best I can, I have learned a lot along the way.  I'm seeking out what works for time management, what products really work to support my desire to be as chemical free as possible (and not be too crunchy) and how I want my life to be on a daily basis.  I know that many times I am rushing to get out the door, gone from home too much and not giving myself the time I need for creative thought and problem solving.  Time management sounds so dry to me, what I am in pursuit of is ways to make better use of the time I have.  To make sure that I create pockets of time to read, write, meditate, self care and stay off the couch and in front of the TV.  All of my discoveries I am sharing with the community I am building and getting feedback.

What I know is that women are dynamic, don't always believe that they have valuable wisdom to share and sometimes they have lived through so much that they have lost track of who they are and what their passion is.  This blog is a space where I post things that inspire me, intrigue me, cause me to step outside my routine, broaden my horizons and share along the way.  If I can't be transparent while doing that, well that isn't going to work out well at all.  I'm real, in the moment, sometimes no holds barred, sassy, joyful and love to laugh and have fun with people who don't take life too seriously.  I have come to the point in time in life where I realize that time is getting shorter and I want to explore and do all of the things that feed my passion, satisfy my curiosity and have some unplanned adventure.  I am seeking a full experience and still make the time for taking care of myself along the way.  

So that would be me, with some other bits and pieces sprinkled in and my desire is to help as many other women as I can, while providing a space to be seen, heard, supported and celebrated.