Friday FIVE!


What caught my attention this week:

1:  Quote heard on the Goaldigger podcast:  We don't have a time problem, we have a priority problem.  (this hit home like a Mack truck)

2:  Music in my ears this week:  Wailin Jennys and Rising Apalachia, all the female harmonies and gorgeous melodies.

3:  Rolling out the kinks with my Roll Model balls....  I can't stress enough how much a daily 10-15 minute session rolling out some part of your body can help you ease pain, increase range of motion and alleviate habitual patterns of motion.  Coming next week a video how to for rolling out your feet.

4:  Teaching my granddaughter how to use her fingers to show she is 1 year old.  Next up Down Dog for a start on the yoga fun.

5:  Podcast:  Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin.  He has a great interview style and has some interesting guests on.  

And because we sometimes need a little snack but don't want to get to outside the healthy eating spectrum (well for some of us), here is a healthy fry option.