Friday FIVE!

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Friday FIVE!!

1:  What I'm listening to:  Resilient by Rising Appalachia on repeat!!!  These women are beautiful song crafters, gorgeous harmonies and interested in taking care of the earth, its people and doing it all on their own terms.  I saw them last fall and they are down to earth and it was the first and only show I have only been to where there was a meet and greet before the show.  Find them on Spotify, you can find my playlists by searching for:  yogawithsherry.

2:  New book I just received:  You Are Here:  An Owners Manual for Dangerous Minds by Jenny Lawson.  This will be my second book by her, the first one I laughed out loud so much because she is honest and wicked in her sense of humor.  She has a blog: that is great as well.  I am so looking forward to diving into this book, there are even some of her original drawings that I can color!

3:  Listening to:  30for30 podcast from ESPN.  This is a short season of 5 episodes that dive into the Bikram yoga story.  From the beginning of Bikram yoga in the 70's in the US to the man on the run from the US after multiple accounts of sexual assault/abuse/harassment.  Be forewarned this does talk about the details with interviews of assault victims, but I found it incredibly informative and interesting.

4:  Watching:  Good Bones on HGTV, a series about home remodels by a mother/daughter team (2 chicks and a hammer) that has some humor and some very cool design.

5:  Working on:  My podcast, test recording, audio testing and editing and frustration with technology.  I will get the episodes rolling once I whip my technology into submission.  It's much more involved than I ever anticipated.  I will TRIUMPH!!

This week I am offering you a salad that I make at least twice a week during the summer, it's quick and easy (there is some chopping involved) and you can add or change what you want in it based on what's in the fridge.  Here are some of the basics I use:

avocado, celery, cuke, carrots, onion (green, red, shallots), olive or avocado oil, fresh squeezed lemon, slivered almonds (substitute with pumpkin or sunflower seeds), feta cheese crumbles.  You can also add peppers or any other veggie that strikes your fancy.  Stir it up and inhale.