Friday Five!

this must be the place.jpg

Here are a few things that I have been thinking about this week.  Well FIVE things...

1:  Podcast:  Pod Save America, one of my favorite podcasts, these guys make me laugh just as much as they talk about politics.

2:  Quote:  "a woman state of mind" from Tanya Markul.  

3:  Book:  It's a tie between:  the she book by, Tanya Markul and Fascia, what is it and why is it matters by, David Lesondak.  Some woman poetry and some powerful information about taking care of your body for the long run.

4:  Movie:  Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri, incredibly powerful and lord do I love Francis McDormand.

5:  Hearing some of my yoga students tell me that my Friday noontime class is a safe space to practice the kind of yoga that works for everyone there because they have me telling them to explore where they are and make adjustments as they need.  It is a wonderful way to play yoga with an incredible group of people, who bring such great energy when they walk in the room.

Happy Weekend to you all, I hope you are going to do something at some point that you love and with someone you love.



PS: Plus one for food.  this sounds yummy: