Monday Mantra

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Monday Mantra...

There are days, sometimes more than any of us would like to admit that we feel not enough, that we don't do enough and whatever is flowing within us is a far cry from peaceful.  Trust me I know this all too well.  Especially for women, we are many times in the giving role, whether it be for our families, our friends, our jobs and anywhere else we feel pulled to serve.  It can create a chaos that can hit us on deep levels.  If we feel we have let someone down, have dropped the ball at work, forgot the grocery shopping and on and on and on...  

The reality is that who we are is enough, no matter what the external pressures may be, no matter who tries to tell us otherwise.  No one is perfect...  I say Fuck Perfect.  It isn't attainable and in fact is boring as hell.  Life is messy and beautiful and full and crazy and wild and sometimes quiet or lonely.  Keeping a steady sail on the currents of life, adjusting our sails when we need to and moving with as much grace as we can muster (which some days means just getting dressed, or not), is the only way that we can hold space for who we are.

Let go of thinking you need to be all things to all people and focus on just doing what matters most to you.  Pick your people and your projects wisely, make time for yourself and do what you need to do to recharge your batteries, just like you have to do for your damn phone.

Now sit with your eyes closed, inhale to the count of four, pause for the count of four and sigh out your breath for the count of five.  Repeat for four more times, or as many as you need in the moment.  Repeat to yourself:  I am enough, I do enough, peace flows within me.

You are ENOUGH!