Below are links to various web pages that I have found useful along the way.  I will be updating regularly so check back often for updates.


Healing histamine

I found this website from a friend on Facebook.  It was originally called the Low Histamine Chef and she has since rebranded her page.  While she has the genetic mast cell deactivation syndrome and has suffered with hives and issues her entire life and mine was definitely situational she has TONS of useful information and being a former journalist she has done great interviews and research.  A lot of her info comes from Europe and I am convinced that the Europeans are so much smarter about wellness than the US will ever be.

The Institute for Functional Medicine

The Institute for Functional Medicine

The Institute for functional medicine

This website is where I went to find my functional medical specialist in my area.  It has great info about functional medicine and a page where you can enter your location to find a specialist in your area.